Upcoming Projects
SILENT Broadcast (series)
Taking inspiration from the surreal horror anthologies on black and white televisions and radio Silent Broadcast seeks to pull back remove the barrier between what we experience, and our fears of what breakdowns of what we know lurk around the next corner through timeless stories.
Sockberg law (Series)
Real Cases, real people... well mostly! In this courtroom real people bring their real disputes to the puppet judge. Things often get off track as the court seems capable of anything, except actually resolving cases.
Tying the cases together is a mocumentary sitcom about work at a law firm where 50% of your co-workers are puppets. The absurdist humor and characters work with the real cases to make a unique and impossible to predict show.
Make your mark (film)
A brilliant Victorian inventor and his friends have time traveled to the present day, more specifically in the home of an infamy obsessed serial killer.
In this horror comedy steeped in dramatic irony the would be victims have to adapt to the modern world or else.